Meaning of the name Sage:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Its a spice and it means wise
Sage is my name. I've always accused my mother of naming me after the weed... but, really, it means:Wise, caring, understanding, friendly, it is a spice, a plant, and ME. :)
sage is a someone sweet,loving,caring. boy or girl. but i guess sometimes someone named sage can be mean but i havent met anyone with the name sage thats mean. but 2 me SAGE IS THE BEST NAME IN THE HOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and im not just saying that cuz sage is my name.)
sage is my bff!!!!! she is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!!!! ur soooooooooooo awesome sage!
i love the girl named sage shes my girlfriend
Sage is my cousin, and she is the nicest, most understanding, and caring person in the world and Im not just saying it because she is my family. She is wise and friendly and she is a little crazy. But she is my Sageroonie!!!
sage is a great name i should know its my name and i think it is a great name becuse is means sweet honest kind and brave sometimes i can not be brave like when i have to get shots (BTW I AM A KID)but i use to not like my name becuse when u get thouse keychains from cabellas or the mall there is never one with my name on it and when i was little people use to call me "STAGE" and it use to anoy me so much so when people asked me my name i would say it was somthing elts wich is not good.but i really like the color sage too. (Remember to alwase be u and not rude popular girls just be you and most likly u are only going to have one bff so dont be mean to ur friends) like ur name
Kamakshi Kariya
Sage means wise. Or Botany: an herb used as a seasoning. It can be used as either as a boy or girl name, but it is commonly used as a girl name.Something to think about...
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